Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Paddle

Crossing at the Battery just North of Governors Island

Just South of the Brooklyn Fairway


Blogger babbler said...

Those are awesome photos! I love the look of a city skyline while paddling. I live in the Pacific Northwest, we have some pretty decent paddling here in Newport, and down the Yaquina Bay to where I live in Toledo. I am thrilled to see the contrast from my area to yours. I also enjoyed viewing the ice paddles in the snow, you are very brave! I invite you over to "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends" for a nice hot cuppa tea and a laugh, I think your blog is awesome and I want to see more - I will try to find you again somehow after I post this comment. Happy paddling! Love, "Mrs. Slug"

1:06 PM  
Anonymous gohan said...

wow, very nice place , where to do cayac. .!!!

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Harry Spitz said...

I qajaq mostly around New York City.

9:27 AM  

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