Monday, June 04, 2012

Paddle to Staten Island to see the Space Shuttle

Shuttle coming North from Coney Island
Paddling through a sailboat parade 2
Paddle through a sailboat parade3
paddle through a sailboat parade 4
Paddling through a sailboat parade 4
Space Shuttle going North 1
XL and th Shuttle
Kayaker's picnic
Space Shuttle going North 2


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi there, I’m the editor of the NSW Sea Kayak Club based in Sydney, Australia – a pretty great place for kayaking! We like to sometimes show photos of exotic faraway destinations, and i’d love to publish your amazing photo with the space shuttle

We’re totally not for profit and run by volunteer, so this is just on a favour basis!

More about the club here:

And past magazine articles here:

If you’d be agreeable to allow the publication, could you please send me the photo in the highest possible resolution?

my email is mark(at)

Look forward to hearing from you!



2:48 AM  

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